best pond filtersTo talk about the best pond filters currently marketed in the market, it is necessary to start from certain characteristics that determine their durability, accessibility, affordability and configuration. Therefore, there is no better way to carry them out than through comparatives.

Naturally, competition abounds. Pond filters for domestic and industrial use are a complement of cleaning as effective as necessary, making the demand a common constant.

Pond filter systems fulfil a function completely similar to that of aquarium filtering: keeping the water in good condition to preserve the life of all the species and plants that reside there. But it also leans in favour of aesthetic factors.

The clear and clean water of the ponds, in addition to looking much better, helps maintain the quality of the structure and prevents fungi and bad odours that develop gradually.

Clean water pond filters, in that sense, work under mechanical filtration which retains particles and biological, which retains bacteria.

These differences are just a sample of all that can be considered about pond filtration systems. And although the list could be long and strenuous, only the 10 most outstanding products of this year will be taken as a development point. See best pond pumps if you not buy one for your pond.

10 Best Pond Filters Reviews 2020

We pick these 10 best pond filters 2020 for small and large ponds. Based on the research these are some best pond filtration system you are going to read.

1) OASE BioSmart 5000 Pond Filter

OASE BioSmart 5000 Pond FilterOne of the options that represent the best large pond filter without a doubt is the OASE BioSmart 5000 Pond Filter, which channels its strengths in its pumping and filtration systems, eliminating toxic particles and any organic waste.

The BioSmart stands out for the presence of different sponges in its unit., through them passes the water and all the decomposing products, toxic and poisonous like ammonia, returning to the water, restored as non-toxic products.

Its UVC filter unit is completely effective in combating the agglomeration of algae and pathogens inside the ponds. In that sense, their functionality eradicates these substances or, in less appropriate cases, reduces them to very safe levels.

Another aspect to be mentioned in this article includes quite interesting specifications. First, the BioSmart worked with an extremely powerful 70-watt motor and equipped with the necessary force to start-up in ponds of up to 14 thousand litres of water.

Since the unit is a filter and pump assembly, the latter, which is called the OASE Filter Pump, is connected and started up at the same time.

The innovative design of this filtration system is also worth mentioning, especially since it is armed with a continuous flow of biological and mechanical filtration that provides high levels of oxygenation.

Also, different areas of the filter promote the settlement of beneficial bacteria. Specifically, those that are responsible for carrying out the nitrogen cycle. Thus, it is easier for the system to convert/get rid of ammonia.

Finally, the advanced features of the BioSmart include a built-in cleaning indicator, as well as a screen that indicates the temperature of the water in the pond all the time.


  • It suitable for ponds up to 5,000 gallons
  • It has built-in cleaning indicator


  • Not good for small pond

2) Goplus Pressure Bio Filter 4000 Gallons

Goplus Pressure Bio Filter 4000 GallonsWithin the reviews of pond filters, there are always GoPlus brand products like Goplus Pressure Bio Filter And this is no exception, because thanks to its 13-watt sterilizer, filter media and capacity, this filter is an option that goes beyond what is acceptable.

The first thing to know about this biofilter is that it works with ponds of 9500 litres when there is a normal amount of fish in it, and another 5500 litres if marine life inside is much more abundant.

The unit is designed with three ports. The first is a water outlet, the second a water outlet and, finally, the discharge of waste. All this is configured through a dial that changes the water output of the waste, working more effectively and safely.

The Pond Pressure also has a transparent inlet, in turn, indicated with a flow indicator. This best pond filtration system can be seen as an orange propeller, which can be rotated according to the water flow, the rotation speed and the amount of debris and dirt necessary waste.

This same part of the unit is responsible for determining when the device needs cleaning, indicating it. Likewise, the waste discharge base is made so that the filter is easily cleaned, without the need to disassemble any part. You only need to turn the dial, open the discharge port from where the device will dispatch another stream of inverted water, which loosens dirt and all kinds of substances and waste that slows down its operation.

As one of the best pond filters, it also stands out for its filtration system with ultraviolet light and biological balls. This means that the unit has a 13-watt sterilizer that reinforces the elimination of harmful microorganisms, as well as spores and algae in the water. In this way, all fish and plants are shielded from parasites.

As for the UV light, the filter takes advantage of it to track when and how much the sterilizer above is working, while the biological filtration balls essentially fulfil the function of helping the filter in its performance. That is, filter the water.

However, there is more to unravel from these balls, because in-depth their functions rise to very important works, such as promoting the colonization of beneficial bacteria, those that process ammonia and nitrite.

Both the balls, as the rest of the pieces that make up the unit, are constructed with durable and high-quality materials, which work effectively for very long and uninterrupted periods.


  • Effective pressure filters
  • Built-In UV bulbs system


  • Not good for long term use

3) POND BOSS Filter Kit with Pump

POND BOSS Filter Kit with PumpThis guide is about one of the best koi pond filters currently available. It is, like many others, a fusion of pump and filtration system whose most prominent feature to date is its low energy consumption.

About its physical qualities, the Pond Boss FM002P combines a 320 gph energy-efficient pump and two filter sponges plus ten biological balls that help the production of beneficial bacterial colonies when diluting ammonia and substances harmful to fish and other species.

The team also has a water spray nozzle that aerates the pond; Expanded by extensions and a bypass valve with a 4-meter long cable that feeds the entire pond surface and helps with oxygenation, an important point in domestic and industrial filtration systems.

As far as capacity is concerned, this article does reduce it compared to the last two, since the system works optimally in ponds of a maximum of 1,500 litres.

However, being a fully equipped kit to keep the pond healthy and clean, it is consolidated as a good investment. It handles both filtrations – mechanical and biological – and a convenient aeration system for the majority of users who select it.

The price-quality ratio is incredible. It has a one-year warranty and, to join the support for environmental conservation, it is eco-friendly one hundred percent.


  • Complete kit with all parts
  • Cheaper then other filters


  • Only one year warranty

4) Fish Mate 1000PUV Pressurized UV Filter

Fish Mate 1000PUV Pressurized UV FilterJust as there are ideal filters for large ponds, up to 15 thousand litres, the proportions matter equally when you are looking for filtration systems for smaller spaces, and this product, in all its composition, meets those requirements.

It may be the best small pond filter so far, although there are still a few to review within the list. The advantage of Fish Mate 1000PUV is that it has pressurized UV lighting. That is, it uses biological ultraviolet filtration to keep ponds and fish tanks clean and free of algae.

Its operation is very easy to explain. When the contaminated water comes into contact with the ultraviolet bulb, all particles of algae and toxins crouch in a specific area and begins to be removed.

Another follows the detoxification process that occurs when the water passes through the sponge, comes into contact with the SUPRA filter of the unit and discards the ammonia present.

This best pond filtration system is essential to mention the practical and simple maintenance. It is activated by a knob that starts automatically, and the foam is squeezed out so much by the pressure of the water, which also removes dirt from the pond.

It is, in short, a special filtration system for 500 or thousand-litre ponds, which includes a cover secured by its respective clamping ring, which is easily installed and uses biological systems to carry out its start-up operation.


  • Combined uv and bio filtration
  • Easy to Maintain


  • Max Size 1000 gallon of pond

5) OASE 700 Pond Pump and Filter

OASE 700 Pond Pump and FilterReturning to the OASE line, OASE 700 Pond Pump and Filter describes itself as the technological solution for a compact and multifunctional pond that, unlike the one that was first included in the list, enters among the best small pond filters.

In general, the unit is a compact filter made of clarifying technology, with an integrated ultraviolet system and a clean water pumping tool that keeps the surface completely safe from bacteria, fungi and bad odours.

Because of its size and shape, it can be installed in the pond without the greatest difficulty and, more importantly, without interfering with the creatures that live underwater.

About its operation, the specifications of the Filter UVC 700 includes the collection of water inside the pond, which is then channelled through a series of filters that, together, create a special environment by allowing the sedimentation of beneficial bacteria. The function, as mentioned before, is to eradicate all ammonia residues in water.

But during this stage, not only ammonia is part of the problem, but the filter also processes all harmful nitrites, becoming nitrates that maintain plant life in the pond. The equipment also oxygenates the water and diverts its course upwards thanks to a connection pipe and the extension of its nozzle, also included.

As far as capacity is concerned, this filter can purify water from a pond of up to 2000 liters – when it is empty. However, in the presence of fish and other marine animals, this can be reduced to 1500 or 1200 liters.

Its maximum flow rate is 250 GPH, it is armed with a power of 7 watts and has a limited warranty of 2 years.


  • It Filtral 700 is powered by a 250 GPH pump
  • Three interchangeable nozzles included


  • Expensive

6) Polar Aurora 4000 Gallons Pond Pressure Bio Filter

Polar Aurora 4000 Gallons Pond Pressure Bio FilterRegardless of whether it is a new pond or another that has stored liters and liters of water as the years go by, Polar Aurora 4000 Gallons Pond Pressure Bio Filter enters the selection of better pond filters for clean water given its ability to deal with moss and sterilize aquatic surfaces with biological systems depression.

It is indicated to improve water quality and provide a clear and habitable pond for fish and aquatic plants, although it is also marketed as a filter for garden pond and koi pond since it also improves water quality without effort or additional cost.

Among the most prominent features is its UV bulb system that works to reduce the presence of unicellular algae and considerably diminish its ability to reproduce. It also improves water purity and leaves a clear and habitable pond.

Particularly, the filter of this system is one of the most pleasing to customers, because as well as it becomes ideal for large ponds, up to 6 thousand liters without the presence of fish, it can also resist a population of marine animals with 2 A thousand liters inside. This force, plus its efficiency, is the coup de grace.

But resistance is not only related to the volume of water capable of purifying. The thing goes further. Specifically, even its housing, made of high-quality materials that provide durability and impermeability. Thus, it can be placed on the shore or underground; and can be used for a long time.

Regarding its functions, water extraction and purification is the main target. But this best pond filtration system is armed with the function of bacteriostasis, excellent for cleaning the pond completely with a single machine.

Finally, the characteristics of this filtration system end with its easy handling and cleaning. Within the package, in the instructions, it is instructed practically and how to start up the system. The unit is cleaned automatically, which saves a lot of time.


  • It is equipped with UV bulbs
  • Strong Filter Capacity


  • UV light electrical compartment need special care

7) TetraPond Filter For 500 Gallons

TetraPond Filter For 500 GallonsThis amazing flat box filter has one of the most modern and practical designs in the list of pond filter reviews. Its characteristics are its greatest attribute and the reason why it is marketed so well inside and outside the web.

The unit is capable of filtering bacteria and fungi in ponds up to 1800 liters, measures 34 centimeters long and, despite not having a pumping system, easily adapts to a vast variety present in the market, with revolutions of 200 to 2000 gph, which obstructs the pump from being clogged by the presence of dirt or wandering particles.

The installation is simple. To carry it out, all you have to do is keep the unit underwater until it is completely submerged and all the air has been expelled.

One aspect that must be taken into account during this pressure is that the purifier does not need additional weight to maintain it. Therefore, it is not recommended to place an item on it that interferes with your work or damages the unit.

This TetraPond Filter works with to an ultra-thin foam carpet that sweeps dirt particles as the water passes. Then, the liquid is introduced into the pump, which returns it to the pond through the fountain or waterfall.

Thanks to this filtration system, it is possible to have good aeration in the confines of the pond, as well as integral oxygenation.

The strong point of it is that nothing is needed to hold it. It is automatic and works for quite prolonged intervals. It is also easily cleaned with a hose before being submerged again in the pond.


  • Prevents pump from clogging
  • Easy To Clean


  • None

8) TetraPond Filtration Fountain Kit

TetraPond Filtration Fountain KitTetraPond Filtration Fountain Kit that sneaks into the best pond filters thanks to its quick cleaning ability is this model. From design to action, they are specific keys that create a set of optimal conditions for the user.

This Tetra filtration kit, whose unit consists of a flat box with filter, pump and source, is specially designed to keep the surfaces clean, picking up the maximum amount of bacteria and fungi.

The kit can be obtained in three sizes, to meet customer demands. This, in capacity, translates as a filter for 500 or 1000 liters, ideal among the pond filters for clean ponds – without fish – up to 3000 or 5000 liters, perfect for housing marine fauna.

The pump, which works at a maximum of 325 GPH, includes several fountain accessories, among which its three heads stand out: pattern, sparkling and aerosol. Likewise, it is done with a rotator to assemble and level said heads.

This filter also has additional clothing, such as two mats – one thick and one thin, accessories and tubes to connect to the pump. Although its specifications indicate volatile capabilities, users who have already tried this article recommend using it more in low-water ponds.


  • Ideal for ponds 75 to 250 gallons
  • It include frothy, spray, and bell


  • Not good for long term

9) PONDMASTER 02019 PMK190 Filter

PONDMASTER 02019 PMK190 FilterOne of the largest and best duck pond filters has shown its customers that, when it comes to cleaning systems, it is not essential to get the largest and most sophisticated equipment for sale, to clean large tanks.

Recently, and thanks to technological ingenuity, small pumps and pond filters tend to be the best pond filters, as long as the volumes of water that the system manages to handle are respected.

The PONDMASTER 02019 PMK190 is a model that will serve quite well on large, medium and small surfaces. It provides a liquid flow of 190 GPH and resists volumes of up to fifteen hundred liters of water.

It is a submersible pump accompanied by a water bell fountain filter kit, which consumes just 15 watts per hour, which makes this article a solution about energy saving in medium and small ponds.

The filter of this system is strategically designed to withstand mechanical and biological fixation. This advantage in the configuration translates into the silence of the filter when it is submerged and functioning. It is almost undetectable.

Another reason that rebounds to this filter is that each buyer receives a bell-shaped fountainhead that will somehow help as an ornament in the pond. The water pattern can be adjusted by turning the head in any direction.

About the weather, before the dirty ponds and full of algae and fungi, the Pondmaster can clean and purify the entire surface in a day or two. After that time, the water should look crystal clear, and there will be no need to worry about algae.

Finally, the cleaning process of this filter is not too complicated. To carry it out, you have to remove the water pump from time to time, unhook the filter hose and put it back in place. The work will be worthwhile and involves a small effort.


  • Easy To maintain
  • Good for 190 GPH use


  • None

10) TetraPond 26596 Filter

TetraPond 26596 FilterBuilding a waterfall will be an easy task with this pond cleaner filter that, in addition to helping with garden decoration, serves as a mesh bag for adding bio activators in ponds up to 6 thousand liters.

Easy to install, this clean water pond filter is started with pumps from 500 to 4500 GPH and has a two-year limited warranty. These features, however, cover only the superficial aspects of how much this device can do.

First of all, and as mentioned, the TetraPond 26596 Filter allows you to create beautiful waterfalls for the pond easily. The filter unit, once assembled, carries out mechanical and biological cleaning actions.

As regards operation, the water in the pond pumps to the bottom of the filter. Once it does, climb again through a fiber mat that traps dirt and suspended debris.

 In this way, water flows through the lava rocks the bio activators, and creates a room for the colonies of beneficial bacteria that kill all pollutants, such as ammonia and nitrites in massively harmless nitrates.

Water leaves the filter through a long respirator, creating a waterfall whose lower ridges prevent it from leaking and leaving an unwanted disaster.

To carry out the filtration processes that this equipment can do, the water in the pond pumps to the bottom of the filter. The beneficial bacteria, when grouped, create these nitrates that are absorbed by aquatic plants and are eliminated from the pond through regular water changes.

Once the nitrogen cycle is over, low-profile bio activators offer improved filtration performance and used in the commercial aquaculture industry, where filtration is more demanding because clear areas are needed and also because climatic conditions tend to be indolent.


  • It creates beautiful waterfalls
  • Perfect filtration


  • Not easy to clean

Buyer’s Guide About Best Pond Filtration System

For those who have no experience in the purchase of a filtration system for ponds, doubts are a common denominator. However, panicking becomes ineffective safe-conduct to an industry that, although perfected by technology, has been present in society for a long time.

Doubts give rise to questions and this particular selection is the one that is repeated the most when users fail to understand how, for the rest, the solutions and results seem to be fast.

Why are Pond Filters Necessary?

At this point, the answer a priori would be that due to the accumulation of germs. And yes, in essentialist theory, that is the need that most urge people to get a filter. But it is not the only one.

Everything is based on a matter of hygiene and safety. When working, for example, in ponds with maritime life, the accumulation of toxins, ammonia and nitrites is a natural and organic consequence.

The filters, in that sense, refer entirely to their word and “filter” all those pollutants, expelling them or changing them for a clean, safe and healthy result.

Types of Pond Filters

There are a few. However, when talking about ponds, they always allude to two: the biological and the mechanical. Some products include one, but most stick to both types of filtration.

Biological filtration, meanwhile, uses friendly bacteria to process the ammonia produced by the koi in their waste. These friendly bacteria transform ammonia into nitrate and control the usual maintenance of the pond.

This kind of filtration will need cameras of specific material for these bacteria to live. In the products reviewed, the biological balls were mentioned. However, it is also possible to find ceramic rings that provide these surfaces.

Meanwhile, mechanical filtration units use media such as foams or plastics. Currently, thick Japanese filters are considered to be the best mechanics, as they allow water to flow and avoid blockages at all costs.

Benefits of using Pond Filters in 2020

In addition to ensuring hygiene within the areas covered by water, it guarantees people the health of fish and all living things that inhabit these places. Some, by their form, even contribute to the aesthetics of the garden or the clothing of the home.

Everything will depend on the dimensions of each pond.

How to choose the right size?

This question generates a disjunctive since one can easily believe that the larger a filter, the greater its filtration.

It may be that the capacity of bacteria it occupies is greater, but with the galloping technology, it has been shown that devices of compact dimensions can become as powerful as a monumental hulk.

To choose a good filter, the most sensible thing is to go for the volume. For so many litres of water, you are purifying. Some are more powerful than others, but everything will indicate the specifications of each product.

How to set up a pond filter and a pump?

There are several ways. Most work when started with a latch, but others only need underwater pressure to begin regular operation.

Some more sophisticated than others use indicator screens and make pumping and filtering easier, but those that tend to be more traditional almost need only the assembly to give a perfect start-up shot.

In this sense, everything will depend on which product in the market is chosen, its level of range, and how much it comprises the volume of water.

How often to clean the filter?

Generally, these filters are cleaned automatically, but because they are waste collectors, they store their own and, in a surcharge, can have a bad impact on the mechanical function of the product.

There is no pre-established or ruled date. It all depends on the utility, size and storage capacity with which the filter is assembled.

However, as it is only about recommending a period, it should be one not less than thirty days, but also not exceeding six or eight weeks.


For all ponds, a good filter is a best and most hygienically. Therefore, choosing one that has greater capacity than another and works by what it promises is a fundamental part of the equation, but not the only one.

The quality-design relationship is important, especially for those who feel more fussy about their interiors and exteriors, as well as the health of their weights.

It is a little intricate decision to pick best pond filtration system if you look only from a perspective, especially when you know that the price, opinions and reviews that abound on the internet are also a determinant to make the purchase or not.

Fortunately, the options presented above are all of the highest quality and set to meet customer needs.

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