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AquariumPro Water Pump

Experience the Ultimate Water Flow Control with FREESEA Aquarium Submersible Water Pump - Perfect for Fish Tanks, Small Ponds, Waterfalls, and Hydroponics!

- Ultra Quiet: The FREESEA Aquarium Submersible Water Pump is designed to operate quietly, making it suitable for use in indoor and outdoor settings without causing any disturbance to your surroundings.
- Easy to Install: This pump comes with a 5ft tubing hose that makes it easy to install and use. The compact size of the pump also makes it easy to place in small spaces, making it a great choice for those with limited space.

The FREESEA Aquarium Submersible Water Pump is a powerful and versatile tool for anyone looking to enhance their aquatic environment. With a flow rate of 800GPH and a 45W motor, this pump can handle a variety of tasks, from circulating water in a fish tank to creating a beautiful outdoor waterfall. The pump is also adjustable, allowing you to customize the flow rate to suit your specific needs. Despite its power, the pump is ultra-quiet, ensuring that it won't disrupt the peaceful environment of your aquarium or outdoor space. The included 5ft tubing hose makes installation a breeze, and the pump is suitable for use in hydroponic systems as well. Overall, the FREESEA Aquarium Submersible Water Pump is a reliable and effective choice for anyone looking to improve their aquatic environment.